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Spoken Thought is an emcee and musician from Topeka Kansas. Because of his ability to compose all aspects of his music, he has been able to find his own unique style while keeping his music under the radar of mainstream hip-hop.

Spoken Thought was born David Chronister, a musician from North East Kansas. He started playing keys at 4 years old, picked up the string bass at 10, and guitar at 12. He started looping tracks in college and sold them around Lawrence and Topeka. After making a couple of beat instrumental albums, he started getting a buzz from the underground scene in Chicago. Heavily influenced by Jay Dilla, Madlib, and Dr. Dre, Spoken Thought is a producer first and foremost.

Shortly after moving back to Kansas, Spoken Thought came out with his first solo album Got Thought in 2010. People liked the beat heavy tracks and widely thought Spoken had potential as an emcee. In 2011, Spoken Thought dropped his follow up album Brain Food. Brain Food was a total departure from Got Thought, with tracks sounding more smooth jazzy, grimey, and poppy. However, most people agreed that Spoken is going against the grain of mainstream hip-hop.

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